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Since 1992 Heroic Age Studios has worked with companies like Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics and Dark Horse. Like those companies, Heroic Age has moved heavily into film.

We’ve spent over twenty years working in the industry honing our skills with clients like Warner Brothers and Disney. We’ve acquired personnel and purchased the equipment necessary to make Heroic Age a fully self-contained production company.

Heroic Age has a reputation for bringing new innovations to entertainment. That’s why we created 5000 Films - a new way of making movies where fans are involved in the actual creation of a movie. And the best type of fans we could think of to help us start something like this are horror fans.

So we want to introduce you to Frightful 5000 Films.

What we’re looking for is 5000 hard-core horror fans. People like you who want to help us make a movie. As a Frightful 5000 member, you’ll get special behind the scenes video access while the film is being made. Youe name will be listed in the credits. You will receive a special invite to a horror festival built around the film’s premiere. You'll receive movie souvenirs and access to exclusive merchandise. But most importantly, the Frightful 5000 will be the ones who vote on what film we make next. And as long as you continue to participate you’ll help choose all the Frightful 5000 Films we make moving forward.

Our first Frightful 5000 Film is currently in production. "Trick and Treats" centers around a legendary jack-o’-lantern named Trick that is either an ancient artifact possessed by a demon or a child’s plastic toy. It’s all based on the nursery rhyme “Peter, Peter pumpkin eater had a wife and couldn’t keep her so he put her in a pumpkin shell and there he kept her very well.” The trick is figuring out just how many pieces you have to cut your wife into before she’ll fit inside a pumpkin.

We’re set, and all we need now is you. Or more specifically 5000 of you who want to help us pioneer a new way of bringing original film properties to the public. Stay tuned as we will be announcing our membership registration very soon!